Anything is good if it starts from the basics. Here the saw is the tool consists of tough blade with the toothed edge which is used to cut the material like wood, steel, plastic and sometimes stone. Then we are going to change the place and shape of the blade to convert into table saw. Yes, there are many types of saws are available. It is basically by type of material, shape, placing and purpose that blades are used the types of saws are varied. Even though it has many types, the most widely used saws are table saws. You may think because of it placed in table, yes may be but works precision talks more than that.

Instead loading the information of all types of table saws into the mind we can see details of portable table saws only here from the stationary and portable table saw types.

FindsawTypes of portable table saw

From the type it is named we can guess this table saws are going to be compact and lightweight. Further it has types under portable category based on its purpose and users level. The types are benchtop and jobsite. For its more compact size another one type is exist called compact table saw.

Benchtop saw: if you are seeing any incomplete or irregular wooden extension. Then you can pick up such saw and can saw it. It is more compact, lightweight and even in cost it is very low. It is good for cutting lighter material as its direct-drive motors are not powerful to cut thicker one. It causes vibration while cutting heavy material. The ripping capacity is low because of its compact size. We can consider it for size not for its work. It can be used for minimal work.

Jobsite saws are little larger than benchtop and placed on stand during operation. It is also used direct drive motors with more powerful than benchtop. It is more expensive, higher ripping capacity, larger in size, no vibration, stronger, more suitable for construction site and costlier than benchtop. It has overcome benchtop in all aspects to prove it better than. It is more compact to work with higher accuracy. So it is choice of many carpenters and contractors.  It is better to Find Saw with more compatible for your site work. You can find saw comparison and purchase guide from find saw website. Better saw better cut.