No matter how many people claim that they are experienced or how skilled they think they are, odds are they have made at least one of the many common driving mistakes. Regardless if you’re intentionally making these common mistakes or just simply driving while overlooking clear issues that should be avoided, you will be surprised how these common errors are happening without you being aware of it. And more often than not, these errors will have a lasting impact on your driving.

Below are the top 3 common mistakes that every driver make and how to avoid them

Improper driving position

Before drivers can even put their wheels on the road and start their engine, they are already making the mistake by not adjusting their vehicles in the right position. Each car is unique, they differ in speed and sizes. SO make sure to adjust seats, mirrors and some important things before heading to the road. Accurate positioning can make a difference in life or death situation.

You can avoid this by checking the mirrors seat belt, seat and steering wheel and making sure that they are all in their proper position. Have the seat far enough onward, this will allow you to extensively extend the clutch pedal while still sustaining a slight bend in the knee.

Not making adjustments to driving with the weather conditions

There are various rules of driving, and each rule applies to different situations and at different times. If the weather is dry and clear, then the normal rules of driving should be applied generally. However, not all times that the road is dry, there are a lot of seasons out there, it could be wet and the visibility is reduced. If this happens, make sure to adjust your driving that suits the condition best.

One way to do it is to reduce speed when driving in foggy weather or in snow weather where the road is usually wet. Make sure to be mindful of how the conditions influence the vehicle’s response time. It is important also that when you take breaks, you do it gently and slowly. Dive slowly and surely, this may sound exhausting but it will make you reach your destination quickly.

Driving beyond the speed limit.

Driving at great speed is always fun and exciting, it makes you feel like a movie star chasing bad guys in the movie. There is a lot of reasons why drivers opt to speed up. Though speeding is completely normal, speeding beyond the speed limit is not, and this is considered an offense. Speeding is one of the most common offenses in driving, although many people are aware of this, still, a lot of them do it because it feels natural. Most crash scenes are caused by traveling too fast, besides drunk and drug driving. And speeding remains to be the number one cause of vehicular accidents in most states.

Avoid this by paying attention to speed limits as well as building awareness about the hazard that comes with it. These are small details but makes a huge difference in the long run.

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