Do you have an old junk car in your backyard? Or perhaps, these used car are not road-worthy anymore? Don’t worry! This article will teach you how can you dispose of your junk cars in exchange for money.

But of course, there are things you do need to follow and consider in order for you to earn profits from your junks. For example, if your old car is a very popular model before, you may consider to sell it to used car junkyards or truck parts. In addition, you may also get an additional junkyard tax deduction, if you can provide a proof that the vehicle has been sold to a substantial loss.

Below is the guide you can follow on how you can get a lot of money from a junkyard for your old and wrecked junk cars:

Important Things You May Need: 

  • Ultimate negotiating skills
  • Good research skills like an expert
  • Junkyard’s local phone directory
  • Your old car’s original title
  • Your personal and driver’s license data

Step #1: Phone a Junkyard 

Make use of the internet, look for junkyards that are nearer. Generally speaking, it is recommended to find local junkyards that are located close enough in your vicinity, this can save you from future transportation expenses and unexpected scenarios.

Contact them and make inquiries about junk cars. Tell them all the information needed such as the car’s make and model, the car’s current condition, the damages and so on. The junkyard may ask you some questions, you just need to answer them honestly and accurate in order for them to give you a reasonable offer.

Step #2: Receive Great Offers 

If the junkyard will really like your old vehicle, they’ll make an offer through the phone right away. But be aware, ditch those junkyards which insist to bring your old car to their shop to estimate the value of the vehicle. This will only cost you additional fees and charges.

Step #3: Compare the Possible Expenses and Offers 

After calling all the junkyards in your vicinity, make sure you jot them all the offers they have given to you. If you can ride the vehicle, then that is better. But if you can’t, you must inform the junkyard right away about the transportation fees and expenses they might charge.

Inform them if you’ll be needing a truck or to tow your vehicle, but please remember, if the junkyard will provide this service, then expect that the money you’ll get is less. So to avoid this, you can rent a cheap truck or towing vehicle to save a couple of bucks.

Step #4: Remove Important Stuff 

Before giving your old car to a junkyard, make sure to double-check the car inside and out. Remove all your personal stuff and car accessories you need, these accessories can be sold separately for more money.

Step #5: Deliver it! 

Deliver your old cars to your chosen junkyard. Let the junkyard personnel check and inspect your junk car if it really matches your description over the phone. After checking the old vehicle, it is now the right time to make a negotiation with them, try to ask for a higher selling price. If you both agreed on the offer price, then you’re good to bid a farewell to your old car.

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