Regardless of what kind of infestation you have in your house, getting rid of it should be your top priority. All pest infestations in your house are bad, if you have pests, getting rid of it quickly as possible is the right way to prevent further property damage and to prevent any risks of you and your family from getting diseases.

Pest Control Calgary

There are four different kinds of infestation that you need to know so that you can come up with the right extermination and pest control knowing that pests can be damaging or most immediately it can destruct any valuable items if you will not do an action right away.

Outlined below are the pests that considered to be the worst infestation that your home can get according to the best Pest Control Calgary has.

  • ‌Termites- The infamous insects that love to chew on wood and can destroy a house with you not even knowing it until it is completely totaled on the inside. Every year, Canada suffers millions of dollars in terms of losses due to the structural damage termites do to different structures that are made from wood. You never want any termite infestation in your house because this kind of insects is considered to be one of the most destructive pests out there. Termite colonies infest homes and eats and bore through the wood which creates cavities that compromises the structural integrity of it.
  • Wasps- Dangerous and can be lethal, wasps pose a great threat if you find a nest in your home. Wasps love to build nests near people’s homes and its stings hurt like hell that there are a lot of instances people get hospitalized and have to be administered with anti-venom shots considering that wasps also contain venom that can create a lot of pain that it stops someone’s heartbeat for a couple of seconds. There are types of wasps that are poisonous and has more painful stings so be very careful if you found any wasp nest at your porch and better call an exterminator right away to get rid of it.
  • Bed bugs- It is completely itchy and frustrating. Bed bugs may not damage properties and cause you a lot of pain but it is completely disgusting. Bed bugs are a big problem in many households because it usually lives and multiplies at mattresses, beds, and upholstered furniture pieces. Bed bug infestations begin when a homeowner unknowingly brings it inside themselves after accidentally some of it holds on to the clothing. Bed bugs infiltrate homes just by sneaking in on different materials, usually clothing. Bed bugs are also very hard to find knowing that these insects hide in dark and hard to reach areas. Its bites are also very itchy and leave red patches that can last for hours. People who have bed bugs on their beds and mattresses have also difficulties catching up sleep because they are frequently getting bitten by these ferocious insects that cannot be seen quickly.
  • Rats- Carriers of disease, and can damage your property. Rats are very common pests that are frequently being hunted by exterminators in Canada. Rat infestation usually occurs at areas in your home that are not frequently visited by humans especially the basement and attic, or sometimes rooms and cabinets that are not used. Rats can multiply quickly and its droppings and urine carry deadly disease that can kill people. Just remember the Black Plague during the Dark Ages where millions of people die because of a deadly virus brought by rats.